GreeneGroup doesn’t leave connections to chance. We leverage brand content to build human relationships and drive behavior.

A brand’s content is the currency of its conversation. Your website, social platforms, and messages are critical to your brand health and to driving future engagement with current and potential customers. GreeneGroup makes your valuable content discoverable and influences behavior with measurable outcomes.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, GreeneGroup specializes in the development and implementation of comprehensive advertising and content campaigns. Whether your audience is on U Street, Main Street or Capitol Hill your campaign must: connect a helpful message to an empowered person, move people down a path from awareness, to engagement to advocacy, deliver measurable results and long-lasting behaviors.

With 20-plus years of advertising and media expertise, our campaigns go above and beyond the norm. We dig a little deeper, analyze a bit longer, and .... to craft the most successful, optimized campaign for each of our clients. We understand that finding that perfect balance and mix of mediums is what separates a good campaign from a great one.





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A well-designed, successful campaign . Choosing the right mix of channels and balance to create the most powerful impact. capitalizes on the strength of the channels.


Television still creates broad reach, quickly. (You may be surprised where cost-efficiencies can be found.)

social media

Social Media has evolved in to a critical too for exposure. In conjunction with more traditional medium, it ...

search engine

Search Engine Marketing reaches low-hanging fruit: web users who are actively looking for you, your competition or your message.


Radio creates repetition, which is one of the things that advertising does best. And it can be a catalyst to earned media.


Digital makes the “pursuit of zero-waste” fun. Highly developed targeting + dynamic measurement + countless opportunities for creation = innovation.

earned media

Content here...


Print can tell the longer version of your story, in an industry that increasingly becomes of consumer’ most deliberate activities (reading).


Out-of-home tells your message at a glance. In some pretty cool and unexpected places.

special events

Content here...



Advertising is successful when an actual connection is made between a brand and a consumer – with a measurable outcome. This is the hallmark of GreeneGroup.

  1. We take targeting seriously. We don’t believe in broad demos, (What is an Adult, 25-54??) . Instead, we leverage emotion and behavior, to create opportunity.
  2. Your content is the nucleus of any engagement. It is your contribution to the conversation.  We help you find your voice, and discover a path to manage a two-way conversation.
  3. We test. We Learn. We optimize. And repeat.


Reporting + Monitoring

The end starts with the beginning. Before we launch your campaign, we help establish milestones towards success. And then we work with both technology and people to map the course.

This can include daily/weekly monitoring of a digital buy, social conversation monitoring, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



We are proud to work with brands across sectors and vertical, including federal and local government, associations, corporate/consumer and not-for-profit.



We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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